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Our Mission

Cultivate a leadership style that ignites creativity, excellence, and engagement.
Creating workplaces that people love and that provide value to the world.


Our Products

Unique Learning Journeys

We’ve crafted Learning Journeys with self-learning, trainings, workshops, assessments, and guidance to facilitate Agile Leadership growth. This will empower you to foster mature Agile teams and instill a culture of creativity in your organization.

Official Scrum.org Trainings

Our guides are leadership experts with years of experience committed to delivering quality learning. We’re part of the Scrum.org Professional Training Network™, with certified Professional Scrum Trainers™.

Culture Assessments

Our professional culture assessments, guided by certified ValueMatch Practitioners™, uncover the dynamics between employees, teams and their workplace, enabling you to develop leadership in any change initiative.


Agile Maturity Model

The Maturity Model describes how 4 important leadership roles in an Agile organization typically mature. While the Scrum teams gain more maturity, the role of the traditional manager gradually changes into an Agile Leader. Each of the question marks in the model represents a few characteristics of the role at the corresponding Maturity Level.

We have created this Maturity Model so you can use it as a map which can guide you on your journey to become more Agile.

Such a map can be useful, as long as you realize that:
– It is based on recurring patterns we have observed, but is not created to be perfect
– It does not reflect the context of your company
– It is unaware of the history you bring along

There are many paths towards maturity, so there is not one way. The most important remark for using this Maturity Model is to get an experienced guide.
Without the right leadership to guide you, any map can be wrong. But even an experienced guide without a map can get lost in a complex environment.

Download the full version of our Agile Maturity Model in your language of choice.


Our People

The people of Agile Leadership School


Ron Eringa

Ron’s mission is to create organizations where people love to work and create value to the world. As trainer for Scrum.org, writer and frequent speaker he is enthusiastic about leadership development. Ron has helped many organizations to develop learning journeys for their Agile Professionals. Founder of Agile Leadership School.


Marc Maessen

Marc’s mission is to help and inspire teams and people to become better than they were yesterday by embedding a strong focus on value management and continuous improvement. Deriving from his experiences for more than a decade as an Agile Coach, Trainer for Scrum.org and Scrum Master, he is able build a strong personal leadership style in everyone.



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